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Your website is a powerful tool for growing your business in ways you never would have imagined! I offer a variety of techniques and affordable rates for building your business’s online presence from the ground up, bringing you new business leads, new ways to sell products and a whole new audience to hear your stor

Website SEO Makeover

The fastest and most effective way to fast-track your site’s search. My Website SEO Makeover package provides you with the top keywords your website should be ranking for, updates to your site’s copywriting so every page can reach max visibility, a series of blogs to begin building your content’s visibility, access to power Google Analytics tracking tools, updates to landing page and image metadata to embed crucial data into every piece of your site’s data and more cPanel and website search engine optimizations.

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Keyword Research

The engine that drives all of search engine optimization, identifying the keywords that receive thousands — even millions — of searches and best match your brand will allow you to know exactly where you can make your website shine through the search engine clouds through targeted content and metadata.

Content Creation

Creating content for your website that immerses your audience and provides search engines like Google with plenty of relevant information to boost your site’s ranking amongst both competitive and unique keywords is my specialty. My blog posts will capture your audience’s attention while I employ a variety of additional techniques, like link building and metadata optimization to bring top SEO merits to every one of your posts.

Landing Page & Image Metadata Optimization

Search engines read much more than just the text on your page — metadata provides search bots with text info for rich media on your site, like photos, videos and landing pages. Metadata is crucial to any SEO strategy, linking key information to your content and providing more ways to rank for keywords.

Link Building

Funneling traffic throughout your site means carving pathways for users to go down. Link building will add more hyperlinks throughout your website and posts to capture user attention, leading to higher time on page statistics, a lower bounce rate, a longer session duration and new audiences interested in your content.

Website & cPanel Search Optimization

Maximizing your site’s search engine performance means diving beneath the surface. Website & cPanel optimization will make sure every facet of your site’s backend is search optimized and up-to-date while bringing out the most of cPanel’s capabilities.

Google Analytics Tracking & Reporting

The most powerful tool for tracking your website’s visitor statistics is Google Analytics. GA records a ton of data from browsers that you can use to target potential new visitors, including total users, new users, pageviews, traffic sources, conversions, goals, locations, various demographics and much more. I will distill this information and extract the most important data points to provide you with to better understand the direction of your site’s growth. 

Google Search Console Optimization

Google Search Console provides a ton of techniques and shortcuts for search engine optimization, letting you play a part in defining how Google will interpret your website. Let me help you make the most of this powerful tool.

Google My Business Optimization

Providing a snapshot of your business’s mst important details, Google My Business allows you to add crucial information like hours of operation, your address, your website’s URL, social media profiles, photos and much more. Google My Business will display your information as a card on relevant results pages, creating a simple way for users to discover what your site has to offer.

Google AdWords Campaign Management

In combination with a working keyword strategy, Google AdWords will allow you to pay for links placed at the top of search engine results pages of your choosing — well ahead of where your competitors appear. Best of all, Google AdWords will only charge you when your link is clicked on. Let me help you make the most of the power that Google AdWords has to offer. 

Social Media Marketing

There’s no better place to connect with your brand’s audience than through social media. From Instagram to Facebook and every platform in between, social media provides a place for you to exhibit your company’s personality while also providing a home for your growing content to be posted to and fueling search engines with the rich information they crave to push you forward. Let’s strategize how you can get even more use out of social media

Email Marketing

One of the most efficient methods of reaching your potential audience is directly through their inbox. Let me help you to draft and design your company’s email strategy, featuring sales emails, newsletters, press releases and more.

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